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23 May 2019

5th International Conference on Malaria Vaccines for the World (MVW 2019)

The 5th International conference on Malaria Vaccines for the World (MVW) was held on May 8-10 at the University of Oxford, UK. The current status of new technologies, vaccine candidates, clinical trials and the RTS,S implementation studies were discussed during three intensive days, and here you can read coverage of each session from the MESA Correspondents.

Day 1: Wednesday 8th May 2019

  • Session 1: Opening plenary session
  • Session 2: PfSPZ-based vaccines: Phase 3 to licensure to deployment to use in elimination campaigns to next generations
  • Session 3: PfSPZ-based vaccines: Innovations and immunology to improve efficacy and reduce cost of goods
  • Session 4: Recent advances - Blood-stage vaccines

Day 2: Thursday 9th May 2019

  • Session 5: Recent advances - Sporozoite and liver-stage vaccines
  • Session 6: Special PATH/WHO session
  • Session 7: Cellular and antibody vaccine immunology
  • Session 8: Structure-guided vaccine design and recent advances in transmission-blocking vaccines

Day 3: Friday 10th May 2019

  • Session 9: Latest advances in vaccines and CHMI for P. vivax
  • Session 10: Novel approaches to antigen discovery, vaccine delivery and adjuvants


You can also read the full series of reports here


The MESA Alliance would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Carlota Dobaño (ISGlobal) for providing senior editorial support for these summaries as well as mentoring support to the MESA Correspondents. We also warmly thank the MESA Correspondents Rebeca Santano and Robert Mitchell (ISGlobal) for reporting from the conference.