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12 Apr 2021



NgenIRS is a four year partnership (2016-2019), led by IVCC and funded by Unitaid, that included the US President’s Malaria Initiative, The Global Fund, Abt Associates and PATH.

The project aims to establish a sustainable, competitive and growing market for effective 3rd Generation Indoor Residual Spraying (3GIRS) products at affordable prices.

IVCC is making the most effective, long lasting insecticides available to malaria programmes and implementation partners to support insecticide resistance management strategies.

To achieve this IVCC are addressing key barriers to Access through market shaping interventions:

  • Demand: accelerating uptake of 3GIRS products.
  • Market Stability: improving global forecasts for 3GIRS products.
  • Competition and IRM: facilitating the introduction of competition with new quality-assured products from several manufacturers.
  • Affordability: reducing 3GIRS prices through co-payments, reliable and guaranteed forecasts.

The market shaping intervention worked in close collaboration with leading insecticide manufacturers, national malaria programmes and other stakeholders to increase the use of 3rd Generation Indoor Residual Spraying (3GIRS) products. NgenIRS established a sustainable, competitive and growing market for effective 3GIRS products at affordable prices by tackling four failings (demand, market stability, competition and IRM and affordability) in the market. The project contributed to averting an additional 4.8 million malaria cases and 14,314 deaths from 2016 through 2019 and this impact is set to double in the next five years.

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Original Award $65.1m. Maximum award value adjusted to expected final claim value.


2016 Jan - 2019 Dec

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