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12 Apr 2021

New Nets Project


The New Nets Project (NNP) works with the next generation of nets, which are dual insecticide nets. These new nets don’t yet have a World Health Organisation (WHO) policy recommendation confirming that countries with pyrethroid resistance should consider them over standard nets. NNP will build the epidemiological evidence needed to allow WHO to consider making this new policy recommendation. Under this project, the nets will be assessed in a robust study in Benin to give definitive evidence of how well they perform compared to standard nets. The project will also assess the cost-effectiveness of the nets under operational pilot conditions, across countries representing different epidemiological, insecticide resistance and entomological profiles. These pilots will allow us to understand the extra benefit these nets can bring in different settings. This information will help countries make informed decisions about how best to spend their malaria control budgets. Additionally, the production volumes procured for the pilots will help the project to negotiate significant price reductions. These reductions are needed to make the new nets a sustainable choice for countries looking for the best value for money in controlling malaria.

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